About YMCA Amager

”Close to Amagerbro st. we have a big YMCA house and a lot of space. We hope you will come and help us create a community around it.”

We want to create a space where children and young people can come and feel welcomed – and meet new people. A place to belong and feel at home.

Volunteers are building the activities of YMCA Amager. In 2023 tan include Amager Børnehøjskole, Fællesklang Amager, Familiesang and our international Copenhagen Camps.

Let us know if you have ideas – about this or anything else to be done around the house.

English / Danish

YMCA is a global movement, and we love welcoming international visitors. Some of our volunteers are also internationals, and we want to keep everyone updated. As a result this website (and our Instagram) has information in both English and Danish.

Bliv medlem af YMCA Amager

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